About Me

Growing up on a ranch in West Texas afforded me a unique opportunity for a kid in today’s world.  I had plenty of space to roam and roam I did.  Our back yard was what seemed like a boundless wilderness.  Going out to play could mean anything from building a fort behind the house to a day long “expedition” taking me as far as my little legs could carry me, which was quite far.  This place sparked my love of outdoor adventure and is still to this day my favorite place to be.

Fast forward thirty years.

A few days ago I found myself sitting behind a desk at my home in East Texas staring blankly at a box.  Not just a box, mind you but my box… a treasure chest of sorts.  Everybody that spends much time in the great outdoors seems to have one.  Mine contains a collection of small trinkets, found artifacts, foreign coins, recovered bullets from successful hunts, boar’s tusks, an armadillo tail, a lump of pyrite that sadly didn’t mark the entrance to a hidden gold mine and many other personal mementos.  I got to thinking about the past year.  In the last 12 months I’ve found myself backpacking the 4-C National Recreation Trail, skiing in the Rocky Mountains, spending several days camped on a remote stretch of beach while surf fishing, chasing mule deer out west and ghost hunting in Savannah, GA.  There have been countless hours spent fishing the many lakes and rivers of East TX, hunting the high deserts of West TX and many miles underfoot exploring woods, deserts, plains and wetlands of the Lone Star State in search of nothing in particular.

“Austin (I said to myself)…You’ve become quite the adventurer”

As I sat my box back in it’s place, I noticed the shelf above it lined with the likes of Hemmingway, Ruark, Pope, Capstick, O’Connor and the other great writer/outdoorsmen who not only had great adventures but recorded them for posterity.  While I’m certainly not and will never be in the same league as those talented gentlemen, I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone would be interested in reading about my various wanderings.  Within hours, I was researching writing and self publishing.  I continued to do so for most of the next day until the thought struck me… “It’s 2016 you idiot… create a blog”.  So, here we are.  I plan to update this site often with trip reports, tips, articles and thoughts.  I hope you enjoy my experiences and if nothing else, I hope something here inspires you to create your own adventure.   Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or if I can help in any way.

Thanks, Austin